If you loss access to you Joomla Admin access, we can help. We will need access to your Web site hosting control panel and Database. We can then reset your password for your login.

Contact us now if you have lost access to your Joomla web site.

We have encountered a number of e-commerce sites which have been hosted on poorly configured servers or overseas servers (non NZ) which has resulted in a high bounce rate of customer checking out orders. Google also penalises extremely slow sites.

Therefore it is important to use a good quality server - for most of our clients we prefer to host on NZ based servers, not only for the speed but the speed of support.

Slow site? - contact NZJoomla to see how we can help.

It's 2021 and we are still finding a number of sites using http not HTTPS !

What is the difference https - means "secure", the site is running on a SSL (secure sockets layer) certificate. Which means commication between the web browser used to view and the server hosting the site is encrypted making the data transfer between the two parties secure. Most payment gateways require encrypted communications. Also Google "prefers" secure sites and a number of browsers indicate automatically to site visitors if the site is using secure https: - closed padlock icon in front of site URL.

At NZJoomla we offer a range of SSL certiciates - including the free Letsencrypt certicate for our hosted sites. Contact us now if you are looking for a secure hosted site.

If you have lost your Joomla password - and the login form with the "Lost Password" and "UserID" links is not visable on your site.

Add /index.php?option=com_users&view=login to your sites domain name and you will get a login screen with the options for recovering your Password or userID. You must have the email address you have registered on the site.

If you still have problems we can assist - contact us for assistance in recoverying access to your Joomla site.*

*Access to your web hosting will be required - can be obtained from your current web site hoster.


We've dealt with many web site owners who have very little idea of how their site functions or how a customer uses or navigates their site. It is critical site owners do know how a customer interacts with their site.

If you have a contact form - use to understand how a customer interacts with you.

If you have an on line shop place different orders so you can deal with customer enquiries when needed.

If you have data collection forms - use them and test for yourself.

Understanding how a customer uses your site will help indentify issues before they become a problem.

Previously we have supported Joomla Ecommerce addon Mijoshop - we no longer do so due to poor support from the developers. We recommend those using Mijoshop as their ecommerce solution consider moving on.

We continue to support Virtuemart and have replaced Mijoshop with Jcart and have added Hikashop to to our preferred solutions.

Other options we support are J2store, Joomshopping.

HTTPS (Hypertext Transfer Protocol Secure) is an internet communication protocol that protects the integrity and confidentiality of data between the user's computer and the site. Users expect a secure and private online experience when using a website. Web site owners are now encouraged to secure their site via HTTPS. NZJoomla now provide this by default on new and refurbished sites we host.

HTTPS provides three key layers of protection:

  • Encryption
  • Data integrity
  • Authentication

Security Risk?

If your current Joomla install is version 1.5.26 or below - it is out of date and it's security is at risk - YOU SHOULD NOT use it as part of your business tools.

Joomla have now also stopped support for 2.5.X series and hence it's time to upgrade your site if you are running this stream of software on your web site.

If you have a series 3.X version of Joomla running your site, you must ensure it is updated to Joomla 3.9.28 at a minimum as lower levels of Joomla 3.X have a security risks.

Current version of Joomla 3.9.28 / 3.10.4 or 4.0.5

Note: Joomla 3.10 and 4.x were released 17/8/2021 - however these required careful analysis of your web site before upgrading.
3.10.4 - being a stepping stone to Joomla series 4.
Joomla 3.X will be support until September 2023.

Joomla 4 is recommended for new sites where posssible.

As these are a migration not just a straight upgrade.

Contact Us about upgrading.

Google it

Want to add any of the following google services to your Joomla Site?

Google Adwords
Google Analytics
Google Search console
Google URL submission
Google Recapctha

Contact Us as we can help.


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