If you are running Joomla 1.5 you should consider upgrading to a more recent version of Joomla. This is because later versions are more secure, have access to better features and functionality and more 3rd party addons.

As long as you have a fully patched Joomla installation with current supported 3rd party addons, your site will be OK. However with the upgrading of technology used by Joomla PHP and MySQL, more issues are being found inparticular with 3rd party addons and in some cases specific recoding is required to ensure sites run well. Rather than let this drag on it is better to upgrade your site and enhance it's functionality.

Update Jan 2020 - It is not longer an option to run a Joomla 1.5 site - you must upgrade.

Recently we have worked on sites in which the client has never had a contact form submission. This means  the contact form has never been tested. So if you've got a new site, don't rely on your webmaster for all testing. Make sure you also test an email addresses, contact forms or data submission forms your self to ensure if clients want to contact you they can!

How do you tell what version of Joomla you are using?

Simply log into the administrator area of Joomla and look either top right on bottom middle of the page. Where it will be displayed in the formate similar to 1.5.22 or 2.5.11.

If it reads 1.5.XX where XX is any number - your version of Joomla is outdated and you really need to consider upgrading to improve security. Contact us now to discuss.


Although Google will eventually locate your site and spider it and hopefully start indexing your pages on a site. Using Google web master tools will speed this process up and also provide additional support for your site, telling you if software needs to be upgraded or your site has been compromised and infected with malware.
Using a google approved site map in web master tools speeds up google's ablity to locate pages on your site.

Contact us now if you want your site added to google web master tools.

Having your Joomla site running fine is great, but as with any data it is important to have backups. The same applies to Joomla based web sites.

Your host should have a backup option in place, maybe 14 days of archived daily backups. However this is often inadequate and your should have an additional backup option.

Akeeba provide an excellent alternative including a free version.

The following should be considered with any backup solution.

  • Automate backups regularly to off site storage.
  • Run manual backup prior to a site change for example 3rd party addon or upgrade
  • Run backup once again once site changes have been made
  • Manual backups to be copied off site

If you have JCE joomla editor as one of your editors in your Joomla installation it is critical you update it to the latest version. As a number of sites recently hacked were due to the JCE component of Joomla Version being vulnerable to Remote File Upload. This has been rectified in later versions above 1.5.7.

Joomla 1.5 is no longer supported by Joomla org so there are no longer any security patches provided by Joomla, and they recommend as we do that sites are upgraded asap.

However a critical security issue has been found for which a member of the Joomla community have provided an easy installable patch for, this can be downloaded and installed from here.

Need help applying patch or upgrading Joomla contact us.

Security Risk?

If your current Joomla install is version 1.5.26 or below - it is out of date and it's security is at risk - YOU SHOULD NOT use it as part of your business tools.

Joomla have now also stopped support for 2.5.X series and hence it's time to upgrade your site if you are running this stream of software on your web site.

If you have a series 3.X version of Joomla running your site, you must ensure it is updated to Joomla 3.9.28 at a minimum as lower levels of Joomla 3.X have a security risks.

Current version of Joomla 3.9.28 / 3.10.2 or 4.0.3

Note: Joomla 3.10 and 4.x were released 17/8/2021 - however these required careful analysis of your web site before upgrading.
3.10.2 - being a stepping stone to Joomla series 4.
Joomla 3.X will be support until September 2023.

Joomla 4 is recommended for new sites where posssible.

As these are a migration not just a straight upgrade.

Contact Us about upgrading.

Google it

Want to add any of the following google services to your Joomla Site?

Google Adwords
Google Analytics
Google Search console
Google URL submission
Google Recapctha

Contact Us as we can help.


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